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  • Body Work

      Shedding the last little bit of fluff can be really hard especially when you may feel so close to your goal. Our Body Work capsules are designed to help...
  • Chondroitin Glucosamine Plus

    This is a high quality combination of Chondroitin and Glucosamine, with 90 tablets per bottle. WHAT IS IT? Glucosamine is found naturally within the body and is a vital components...
  • Collagen Blend

    Beauty starts from within, so make sure what you put in your body will help you radiate from the inside out. Our collagen blend shake, which provides all you need...
  • CPN Sports Shaker Pro

    The CPN Sports Shaker Pro is an advanced shaker bottle with built in compartments for you to store your supplements or powders.  Designed to serve your pre and post workout...
  • Major Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000mg

    High Strength Omega Fish Oil 33/22 EE is rich in omega-3  polyunsaturated fatty acids EPA and DHA. There are 90 soft gels per bottle. WHAT IS IT? Fish oil is...
  • Multivitamin and Minerals Formula

    A convenient source of 23 vitamins and minerals in one tablet. Each has been carefully chosen to support your general health and well-being. There are 90 tablets per bottle. WHAT...
  • Pre Workout

      Need that extra kick up the bum before your workout? There’s no need for a personal trainer with this Pre Workout, it’ll give you all the energy and motivation...
  • Sample Packs

    Want to try before you buy? Our sample packs will be perfect for you. Get the chance to sample which flavours and products you like before buying a whole pouch. ...
  • Supergreens

      Struggling to hit your five a day? Supergreens is your answer - it’s perfect for those looking to add a boost of nutrients into their diet.  What’s better for...
  • Vegan Protein

    Plant powered protein is the way forward! Whether you follow a Vegan diet or you just don’t eat dairy, this fab plant based protein is truly yummy and we are...
  • Whey Protein

    Keep your body strong and your mind switched on! Whether you’re taking part in a Pilates class or just trying to stay fit, we know this can put stress on...
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