Yoga is for your soul as much as it is for your body and these unique classes which entice all your senses. Whether they seem a little unconventional or maybe a little loopy but we promise they are something to remember.


  1. - sunrise yoga & breakfast
    A whopping 36 floors above the beautiful city that is London sits the Sky Garden full of tropical plants and an immense cityscape backdrop. You can watch the sunrise whilst practising your downward dog with this yoga class. Followed by a tasty breakfast it’s enough to keep you mellow for the whole day.

  2. - Goat Yoga or ‘Goga’
    Animal therapy springs fluffy kittens and soppy dogs but most people don’t realise that many animals can have the same effect. This Southampton based farm offers a truly special experience, whilst performing your favourite yoga moves, you are surrounded goats. As most people know goats love to climb and it appears that this is exactly what they do during these sessions, along with a few accidents that are cleaned up right away.


  1. - Beer yoga
    Who would have thought beer and yoga would be caught dead together. A Vinyasa yoga session, all accompanied by your favourite brew. Although conventionally the two don’t seem to match up, lots of people associate relaxing with an ice cold beer, so why not channel your inner calm with yoga and beer?


  1. - SUP yoga
    Think you mastered yoga on land? Why not take it to the water and see what you can really do. Using a stand up paddle board, which is essentially a super large surfboard to paddle out and get your yoga on, preferably without getting wet. Surrounded by greenery and a peaceful lake you’re sure to enjoy this experience.


  1. - Naked Yoga
    This one may not be for everyone but it is sure to make you feel somewhat alive! Using a variation of different yoga practises, all whilst in the nude to leave you feeling free and great.

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