After you’ve stumbled into the gym again, convinced yourself that you’re not going to be a tired sweaty mess- fifteen minutes later you’re lethargic, dripping in sweat and feeling like you’ve had enough! Don’t worry- you’re not alone. Something can help to make the most out of your workout- a Pre Workout supplement.

Choosing the right Pre Workout can be overwhelming with so many choices on the market, but it’s important to ensure your pre workout contains no nasty surprises. Many high street Pre Workout supplements contain a mystery blend of ingredients which are called ‘trade secrets’- but don’t be fooled by this.  Make sure you choose a Pre Workout that explains exactly what is in the formula.

So, what exactly does a Pre Workout do? A quality Pre-Workout will contain high quality ingredients that’ll deliver a boost in your performance, helping you reach your fitness goals, faster. They enhance your strength and stamina, ensuring you get the most out of every workout.

We have worked hard to produce a formula packed with better quality ingredients than anything available in the current market, and a high dose per serving. We’ve used the following widely researched ingredients to give you a powder that’ll pack a punch every time.

  • - Creatine 5g, which increases physical performance in successive bouts of short term high intensity exercise
  • - Beta Alanine for a bigger pump and these few extra reps
  • - Betaine Anhydrous to support lean muscle mass
  • - Taurine - amino acid and a great antioxidant that helps protect muscles against damage
  • - Citrulline Malate to delay muscle fatigue by increasing nitric oxide production and as a result improving the blood flow to muscles, allowing them to work longer under duress.
  • - Beetroot Extract - naturally high in nitric oxide provides a tangible performance boost for aerobic exercises
  • - Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG) for better blood flow to muscles
  • - L-Tyrosine to improve focus and concentration during challenging training sessions. Tyrosine is a pre-cursor to adrenaline.
  • - Caffeine 400mg per serving for increased alertness and additional energy kick
  • - BioPerine to enhance absorption of all the nutrients above.
  • - L-Glutamine to help with muscle building and recovery after a tough workout.

    For the carbohydrate conscious, there is less than 1g carbohydrate per serving, which makes it practically carb free too!

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