When it comes to food cravings, chocolate is on the top of the list for most people.  Of course, some chocolate now and then, whether it’s a cake, biscuit or a plain bar of chocolate, is not a bad thing. But, when your willpower caves too often and you find yourself indulging more than you’d like- the calories will eventually add up. So, how can you fulfil your chocolate cravings but stick to a healthy eating plan? The answer is chocolate protein shakes!

By having protein for breakfast, you’’ll find you will snack less throughout the day which leads to better weight control. In addition to getting a good dose of protein for your breakfast, this smoothie is packed full of deliciousness that will get you through the morning.


peanut butter vegan shake



•    1 cup almond milk or plant based milk of your choice
•    1 tbsp peanut butter (you can use any other nut butter of your choice, like almond or cashew)
•    1 banana (make sure it is ripe!)
•    A pinch of cinnamon
•    1 scoop Clean Performance Nutrition Vegan Protein Powder
•    Handful of ice cubes
•    Sweetener or Honey (optional)


1)    Place all ingredients into a blender, and blend until smooth.

2)    If too thick, add more milk.

3)    Pour into a large glass, and serve with a sprinkle of cocoa powder or an extra squeeze of peanut butter if desired.

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