It’s holiday season and whether you’re off wine tasting in Italy or headed to an inclusive resort by the sea, for many of us, most summer holidays involve major food indulgences. Holidays are about relaxing by the pool and unwinding from everyday life. So is it possible to have fun in the sun without expanding your waistline?



Here are 5 little tips that’s help you to enjoy your holiday whilst avoiding packing on the pounds:

•    Workout in the morning

You might be used to exercising in the evening after work, and we know how tempting it can be to put your alarm on snooze, but squeezing in a quick workout in the morning before breakfast will have you feeling less guilty about an extra cocktail or ice cream. Aim for a 20 minute HIIT (high intensity training) session and then you can spend the rest of the day lounging by the pool or relaxing on the beach.

•    Opt for a healthy breakfast

Flaky croissants, sugar coated pastries, waffles and pancakes- it is so easy to be tempted but first head to the omelette station and get yourself a fresh omelette packed with veggies. It’s a great high protein start that’ll keep you full for longer, and if you may not even feel like having a treat afterwards!

•    Stay hydrated

Make sure you drink enough water and if possible, start your day with a large glass of water.  It’s important to up your water intake, especially in the heat. When you skimp on fluids, you may actually feel hungry and eat more.  If you want to jazz up your glass of water, add some slices of cucumber and fresh mint for a refreshing, cooling drink.

•    Be smart with alcohol

It’s OK to have an ice cream, a cocktail or an indulgent meal, but don’t make this the centre of your holiday. Try to stick to one splurge per day and have alcohol in the evening. If you cut down on alcohol throughout the day, you’ll avoid being hungover which will make you hungry and wanting more treats!

•    Enjoy your food!

If you’ve done your workout or have been pretty active during the day and have drunk plenty of water, enjoy your big burger or pizza! Wake up again the next morning for your HIIT session so you can start again!

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