Guarana, also known as Paullinia cupana, is a plant in the maple family that grows along the Amazon and is found in Brazil.


The plant can grow to over 12 meters long, and produces small round fruit that resembles an eye. The popularity of the plant comes from its stimulating effects- the caffeine content in Guarana is more than the amount you’d find in coffee beans, which makes it a great energy booster.

It naturally contains between 2.5 to 7 percent of caffeine, which invigorates the mind, decreases fatigue and overall stimulates the cardiovascular system. Guarana also contains theobromine and theophylline, other stimulants that affect the central nervous system.

Guarana was discovered by native Indian tribes who used it in foods and medicines by grinding it into a paste. It was traditionally used as a stimulant and as an astringent to treat chronic diarrhoea. Today, it’s used as a key ingredient in sports nutrition products , like our Body Shred Capsules, as it has a powerful effect in regards to increasing the metabolic rate and suppressing the appetite.
Just like caffeine, Guarana also acts as a diuretic, so you urinate more, which can result in weight loss. However, this stimulant is mainly used for its ability to increase heart rate and speed up metabolism, resulting in more calories burned.
We've added this unique ingredient into our Body Shred capsules, alongside other powerful ingredients including Cayenne Pepper, Greenselect® Phytosome® and Green coffee extract 20:1. The combination of all of these ingredients working together means that you'll experience even better results with a healthy diet. Try it for yourself!

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