Green tea has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to treat  everything from headaches to depression. Initially chewed or eaten, in just the same way that coffee was first used by people in Ethiopia, this amazing plant has remained a renowned natural remedy to this day. Green Tea Supplements are popular mostly with people looking for slimming aids, but also those, looking for a healthy, natural energy boost.

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Green tea naturally contains B vitamins, folate (naturally occurring folic acid),  manganese, potassium, magnesium, caffeine and other antioxidants, notably catechins. The health benefits of green tea extract are mostly due to its high antioxidant content. Polyphenol antioxidants called catechins comprise the majority of green tea extract’s antioxidant content.


heart health

Green tea extract boosts antioxidant capacity, which may help prevent various health problems caused by oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress increases fat buildup in the blood, which promotes inflammation in the arteries and leads to high blood pressure. Given that high blood pressure and high blood fat levels are risk factors for heart diseases, regulating them can promote heart health.


The antioxidants in green tea extract, especially EGCG, have been shown to protect brain cells from oxidative stress. This protection can help reduce brain damage that could lead to mental decline and brain diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Both catechins and caffeine that are naturally present in Green Tea have been shown to assist in weight loss by regulating the hormones that can enhance thermogenesis, speeding up metabolism and increasing the amount of calories burnt.

Green tea extract increases antioxidant protection against oxidative damage caused by exercise, which improves exercise performance and delays muscle fatigue, speeding up recovery after workout.

This ingredient has been added to our Body Work- helping you to burn calories more efficiently. Don't believe us? In a study investigating the effects of the branded ingredient, Greenselect® Phytosome®, those who consumed it for 12 weeks lost 2-3 times more weight and inches than those who relied on diet and exercise alone.*



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